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Walter and Margaret Edwards grew up working in there mother’s hotel.

As they got older they became the butler and the maid which they didn’t mind until their mother would no longer let them work together, saying they were becoming “too close”. This greatly upset the siblings and they decided it was time to make mother vanish, telling everyone their mother “left town to open a new hotel”.

A few months later they had completely renovated the hotel. Unbeknownst to their unwary guests, part of those renovations included turning the basement into a dungeon. Most of the victims were women, many of whom were hotel staff, but the Edwards Siblings weren’t picky – they preyed upon men, too, and even children.

They had rooms in the dungeon that were airtight, where they would let their victims asphyxiate. Other rooms had flamethrowers where their victims would be roasted alive. Others were simply poisoned, and most were dissected after death, their flesh flayed from the bone so that they could sell the skeletons to medical schools and organs on the black market.

One autumn afternoon, Walter and Margaret decided they were going to go into town for supplies, leaving their staff in charge with the stern admonition to STAY OUT OF THE BASEMENT. The staff, long concerned about what, exactly, was going on in the basement, finally let their curiosity get the better of them and descended into the nightmare that had become the basement of the hotel. Among the many unspeakable horrors on display, they found Mother Edwards sitting in an old rocking chair, sightless eyes wide and mummified face twisted into a permanent scream.

The staff called the police and an immediate investigation began. However, the townspeople decided to take the matter into their own hands. When Walter and Margaret returned to the hotel, the townspeople had become a violent, revenge-obsessed mob, hanging Walter from the large tree in front of the hotel and beating him to death while forcing Margaret to watch, then, in turn, beating Margaret to death.

Or so they thought.

Returning the next day to try to cover up what they had done, the townspeople discovered Margaret’s body was missing, never to be seen again.

People from town still disappear on an alarmingly regular basis, and if you ask the older townsfolk, they’ll tell you that Margaret Edwards still prowls her old hotel, visiting horrible retribution on anybody foolish enough to come near.

But hey, it’s just a story. The hotel is open and booking guests. You can see for yourself…



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