Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to wear a mask?
We encourage all guest to wear a mask. We suggest all guest follow COVID state guidelines while at Face Your Fears Hotel of Terror.

Are you handicap accessible?
No… this is an old house with lots of stairs and very narrow hallways.  we cannot admit handicap.  No casts, braces or crutches  allowed. SORRY WE CANNOT MAKE EXCEPTIONS.

Is there a group rate? 
Yes… If you have a group of 20 or more we give $3 off per person so the price for general admission would be $17 per person.

Do you have Speed passes?
Yes.  We have a Fast Pass, which is approximately 1/3 the wait time as the General Admission wait for $30.  We also have a VIP Pass which is straight to the front of the  General Admission Line for $40.  For an additional $2 we offer a touch passes, this is for the ultimate experience! Please remember that the pass  allows us to touch you, it does not allow guest permission to touch the actors. We reserve the rights to limit the number of Fast Passes and VIP passes we sell per night.

Do you take credit cards?

Do the Actors touch you?
No actor will be permitted to touch guest without a touch pass. ( Please remember in some circumstance it is out of the actors ability to not accidentally touch someone due to tight space etc.)  AND YOU CAN NOT TOUCH THE ACTORS.

Is it Scary??
Yes… It is a Haunted Attraction inside a real haunted house! If you become too scared we will escort you out.

Is this a REAL haunted house? Is it REALLY haunted?
Yes… this is a REAL haunted house… that has been abandoned since  the 1940. We cannot promise you will have an experience… but it has been known to happen.

Will I get my money back if I make it all the way through?

Can I stay all night?
No… this is not a Ghost Hunt…

Are you open if it rains?
Yes… we are open rain or shine…we advise you to bring an umbrella.

Do you do refunds?



$20.00 Per Person

Fast Pass $30.00 Per Person

VIP (includes touch passes) $40.00 Per Person

Touch Pass $2.00 Per Person

We ask guest to please follow all current CDC guidelines. We Reserve The Right To Limit The Number of Fast Passes and VIP Passes Sold Per Night Due to Volume of Guest!

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